The Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer lemons originated in China where it is popularly known mostly for its looks and taste. But did you know that despite its many uses today, it was just used as a decorative houseplant in its country of origin?

The Meyer Lemon tree would simply still be used for decorating homes if it weren’t for Frank N. Meyer, an agricultural explorer who went on several trips to Asia to find different plant species. The plants, named in Mr. Frank’s honor were cultivated in the regions of California, Texas and Florida. The season for Meyer lemons starts on November and lasts until March and sometimes even until April. Everyone enjoyed this as a backyard plant not only because it looked good, but because it has a unique flavor.

The Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer lemons are actually a cross between lemons and oranges which is why it’s plumper than regular lemons. It also has a golden color than is often compared to an egg yolk, thinner peels and it’s so packed with juice and the skin is so thin that it makes it too fragile for commercial distribution.

Despite the difficulty in transporting this fragile fruit, its characteristics are its most interesting features. Compared to regular lemons, Meyer lemons have very thin bitter piths that it makes it possible to be eaten entirely.

Today, these lemons are highly in demand by cooks, farmers and even mothers. It has a delightful aroma and it is slightly sweeter than a regular lemon which is why it’s usually added in desserts, sauces and even for salad dressings. Meyers are often used as a substitute for recipes because it has the flavor of lemon without the acidic taste. It can also be used anywhere you want to add lemon flavor minus the tart. You can squeeze the juice on fish and even add some to salad dressings. It would also work perfectly as chicken or turkey stuffing. If you happen to be into healthy drinks, you can also make lemonade from Meyer lemons with less sugar because it is already naturally sweet.

There are a lot more ways for you to enjoy Meyer lemons and all you have to do is to try adding it in different recipes or look up recipes online. This fruit may have taken a while to earn its spot in the culinary world but it surely is staying under the limelight for a long time.

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